1 - 7 June 2020

Povratak na sve novosti

11th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival is getting closer

11th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival is getting closer, but this year it will be held in a different way than we are used to, but according to the planned dates, from 1st to 7th June. The organizers announced the realization in three parts – the VAFI section will be held according to the announced dates, while the RAFI section in Rijeka, as well as the screenings of the winning films in Varaždin will be realized in the fall.

This year’s festival received a record number of animated films – more than a thousand of them from around the world, from 85 countries to be more precise! This year’s partner country is Ireland, and in addition to the Film-creative studio VANIMA from Varaždin, the main organizer of the festival for the third year in a row is the Public Institution in Culture Art-cinema from Rijeka.

317 correctly submitted films from 35 countries arrived as part of the VAFI section where animated films of children and youth compete in three categories (MINI, MIDI and MAXI). The selection committee in the VAFI section consists of Jasenka Ježovita-Mlinarić, longtime member and former leader of VANIMA, and Slave Lukrov, president of ASIFA Croatia and director of Supertoon – the international festival of animated film.

Due to the specific situation in which the world currently finds itself, this time for the first time since the founding of the festival, guests will not be staying in Varaždin as we are used to, but all six official screenings from the VAFI section will be shown in specially prepared shows for television broadcasting. Thus, from June 4th to 7th, the shows will be shown at the national level on RTL Kockica channel, and via the RTL Play platform. Varaždin Television (VTV) and Prva školska televizija in cooperation with Magic NET will be joining the broadcasting at the local level. All films in the competition of the VAFI section will be available for public viewing through the online platform during the Festival, and on the official website and through social networks the organizers will provide a live stream of the program.

The festival also has an educational component, which was once again recognized by UNICEF Croatia and the Office of the Ombudsman for Children of the Republic of Croatia, as well as the medijskapismenost.hr portal, and their representatives are the jury of the Blue VAFI. The Blue VAFI is awarded to young authors who promote children’s rights within their films.

On the other hand, the RAFI section where professional animated films intended for children and youth compete in four groups (0-6, 7-10, 11-14 and 15-18) will be shown in Rijeka in the fall when the conditions are right, and the best will be chosen by 20 members of the jury composed of children and young people. The selectors in this section are Dubravka Kalinić Lebinec, founder and long-time leader of VANIMA, then Ana Sever, executive producer of the Varaždin part of the festival and Barbara Zupičić, executive producer of the Rijeka part of the festival, who will select properly registered animated films that will be shown in eight official screenings.

After the completion of both sections, the winning films will be shown in Varaždin at public screenings that will be free and open to the public, in cooperation with the co-organizers of the Festival POU Varaždin, i.e. the Cinema GAJ.

The patrons of the Festival are the City of Varaždin, the City of Rijeka, the Croatian Audiovisual Center, Varaždin County, Varaždin City Tourist Board, Varaždin County Tourist Board and Rijeka 2020, and the realization takes place with the help of co-organizers – Croatian Film Association, ASIFA Croatia, Varaždin Concert Office, POU Varaždin and Cinema GAJ. The organizers would like to thank all the patrons, co-organizers, but also numerous partners and media sponsors who have supported them all these years, especially in these challenging times in which we find ourselves.

You can follow all the upcoming information about the Festival on the official website of the festival www.vafirafi.comor on the official Facebook page.