1 - 7 June 2020

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11th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival is officially open

11th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival is officially open

Last night, the 11th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival was officially opened in the premises of the Youth Center – P4.

The ceremonial opening began with the presentation of the exhibition “Studentski bubregi” by the author team LIGO. Behind the name LIGO are three students of animated film from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – Morana Bunić, Karla Skok and Katarina Zidar. They presented themselves to the Varaždin audience with a selection of about twenty of the most successful works as a part of the „Podrum ponedjeljkom“ program.

Along with the LIGO team, young creatives from the association House of Creative Innovations also presented themselves to the public. They are a group of young enthusiasts who want to inspire others to actively participate in the activities of the local community and beyond. A young Varaždin DJ Olyfant introduced herself to the audience, and she will also lead a DJ workshop during the summer. Alma Rožmarić joined with the fiery presentation of the poi, as well as the announcement of her workshop, and was assisted in the performance by Tena Torjanac and Vida Dodigović. Iva Grubješić, on the other hand, presented her handicrafts and knitwear to the audience. The organizers of the Festival once again thank the friendly organization for participating during the opening.

The first major event in Varaždin has opened its doors, and the program continues through television broadcasts and online monitoring. Thus, at the national level, you can watch the shows with official screenings from 4th to 7th June on RTL kockica in the morning at 11 am and in the afternoon at 3.30 pm, and after the broadcast the shows will be available on the RTL Playplatform.  On the same dates, you can follow VAFI & RAFI festival on VTV, and on the MagicNET channel, i.e. the First School Television channel.

The organizers also invited all primary and secondary school students from the Varaždin County and the City of Varaždin to follow the screenings intended for their age groups and to give their vote to the best films in order to receive audience awards. The audience will have the opportunity to vote during the Festival through the official website of the Festival.

After the realization of the Festival the association Film-Creative Studio VANIMA is preparing several volunteer positions in order to give new young enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in the work of the association, but also to learn something new during the summer, so be sure to follow the official website of the association.

You can follow all the upcoming information about the Festival on the official website of the festival www.vafirafi.com or on the official Facebook page.