27 May - 2 June 2019

10th VAFI & RAFI – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin/Rijeka

Festival date: 27 May – 2 June 2019
Submission deadline: 27 January 2019
Partner: Canada

Festival VAFI & RAFI is a film festival for animated filmsmade by children or youth under 18 years (VAFI), but also film festival foranimated films made for children and youth (RAFI).

Festival has two competitive sections: VAFI section for animatedfilms MADE BY children or youth, and RAFI section for animated films made FORchildren and youth.

VAFI has three categories divided by age of the authors:

VAFI MINI – forauthors under 10 years
VAFI MIDI – for authors from 11 – 14 years
VAFI MAXI – for authors from 15 – 18 years

VAFI will award five prizes per category, from which one will be the firstprize and the other four will be equal second prizes. The prize will be thestatue and diploma for the first places and diploma for the second places.Prizes will be given by the Internation Jury.

RAFI has four categories divided by the age of the recipient:

RAFI 0-6 – forchildren under 6 years
RAFI 7-10 – for children from 7 – 10 years
RAFI 11-14 – for children from 11 – 14 years
RAFI 15-18 – for youth from 15 – 18 years

RAFI will award one first prize per category, The prize will be the statue anddiploma. Prizes will be given by children and youth jury. The Jury can give oneSpecial mention Diploma per RAFI category.

From 2012 in cooperation with UNICEF in Croatia and Office of the Ombudsman ForChildren, we will also give Blue VAFI – award for the film which promotes theChildren’s rights.

The prize is given out of the categories – one first and fourequal second prizes. First prize is statue Blue VAFI and Blue diploma, andsecond prizes are Blue diplomas.

BLUE VAFI refers to section VAFI.

Each year Festival VAFI &RAFI has a partner that is presented during Festival. In 2019 Partner will be CANADA.