1 - 7 June 2020

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Winners of VAFI section on the 11th VAFI & RAFI Festival

During last week 11th VAFI&RAFI Festival – International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival was held through televison broadcasting. During specially prepared shows for televison broadcasting the public had the chance to see the official competition of the VAFI section. 

317 animated movies were properly submitted to the Festival for VAFI section from 35  countries. Selection Committee decided that 80 animated movies will be shown in the official competition in VAFI section.

Winners of the VAFI section are traditionally awarded by a the expert jury composed of Maya Yonesho  (Japan), Veljko Popović (Croatia) and Ciarda Tobin and Jayne Foley representatives from  Fresh Film Festival (Ireland). Blue VAFI for animated films that best promote children’s rights was also awarded. See the results in the attachment!  

VAFI winners