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    15th International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival

    27th of May 2023 – 1st of June 2024 / Partner: Belgium / Varaždin, Croatia


    RAFI -films FOR children and youth

    RAFI 0-6 - films for children up to 6 yearsRAFI 7-10 - films for children from 7 to 10 yearsRAFI 11-14 - films for children from 11 to 14 yearsRAFI 15-18 - films for youth from 15 to 18 years

    *The Organizer reserves the right to put films in different categories than submitted, according to his own discretion.

    II. FILM

    English title     

    Original title     

    Running time     

    (Maximum running time is 20 minutes)

    Year of production 202220232024


    Film aspect ratio 16:94:3Other:  

    Original language (if speech is used)   YESNO

    Subtitles in English* (ifspeech is used) subtitles are part of the filmsubtitles are send as separate document

    *If there is a speech used in the film in a language other than English, subtitles in English must be made as the part of the film or send separate written in Word in English.

    Subtitles (if it's needed in film)
    *Upload limit is set to 0.5Mb, file size above that will be discarded!

    Animation technique(s)  

    Film synopsis (maximum of 200 characters with spaces)

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    Name of the person submitting film (responsible adult or group leader)

    Director (author(s))

    Producer (name of club ...)






    Sending filled out Entry Form on website platform means that you are submitting your films on 15th VAFI and RAFI. By website platform received Entry Form is valid without signature and seal and means approval of Festival Regulations and confirms that you have the legal right on films you have submitted on 14th VAFI and RAFI.

    Only fully filled out Entry Forms received by website platform will be taken into consideration.

    Hereby I accept VAFI&RAFI Festival Regulations and ToC of VAFI&RAFI.